Lake Norman TaeKwonDo Reviews

  • Master Dang and his group of instructors are great with kids as young as age 3! My twins enjoyed their trial sessions.

    Tina Kurniawan
  • Great instructors! Great facility I have personally known Mr Dang for years he is truly wonderful with kids and adults cannot go wrong!

    Raj Dahya
  • My son has been going to Lake Norman Taekwondo America for about 5 months now and he loves it! If he could, he would love to go to every class. He enjoys that along with learning taekwondo, it is made into a fun experience. Everyone that teaches here is very friendly and welcoming

    Paige Wynne
  • EXCELLENT instructors! Everybody here truly cares. Feels like family.

    Anne-Marie Kirkland
  • Excellent instructors and Master Dang is the BEST!

    Bob Robbins
  • Amazing school for Taekwondo Training!!! Master Dang teaches children, kids, teens, and adults in a brilliant way!!

    Abeer SN
  • Master Dang is a seventh degree Black Belt who has been involved in the martial arts since 1988 when he was 13 years old. He was 15 when he earned his first Black Belt and became an instructor soon after. He teaches each student at the student's pace and not his own. He pushes when a student can do better and makes the student realize his/her own potential. The school is, in the literal sense a SCHOOL not a business. I have not seen one person drop out of LKTKD because of the school since we have been here (2012). Like the other reviews say, it is one big family where everyone is wishing each other well and cheering on each other!!!

    S Jhala
  • My son have been here for 5 years. Master Dang is a amazing instructor. The place is like a big family.

    Alli Teng
  • My son has been attending LNTKD since he was 5 years old. Master Dang is an exceptional person & teacher who is not only amazingly skilled & accomplished in his craft, but also truly embodies the tenants of Taekwondo ~ Courtisy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit. My son is gaining confidence, self-defense skills, and most importantly how to be the best version of him that he can be.

  • Son has only had a few classes with Master Dang but he loves his instruction and is enjoying the family friendly environment. Everyone has been so welcoming and making sure he has fun while learning.

    Lexie L. Tosti Feige

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