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  • How to make a Mask

    From one of our Instructor who was a medic in the Air Force. How to make your own mask and how to properly use them. ....

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  • Free Classes for Everyone

    Hi Lake Norman. Please join us for absolutely free to the community martial arts classes for the whole family right from the comfort of your own home. Here's how: 1) Go to go to schedules and register for a 3pm TKD class for all. 2) Once we get your registration, we will send you a link and password to enter our zoom class. 3) Wear something loose-fitting, clear out some space, and be ready to smile and sweat. ....

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  • 9 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids who Learn and Think Differently

    Exercise is great for every kid. But kids who learn and think differently can have a hard time finding a sport that suits them. Find out why martial arts might be a good fit for your child.
    What Are Martial Arts?
    Martial arts are an ancient practice from Asia. They were originally meant for self-defense. Today, lots of people do martial arts to build physical and mental strength. There are many different types of martial arts. Some—like karate and tae kwon do—focus on striking and blocking. Others—like judo and jiu-jitsu—focus on wrestling and grappling. All use planned, repeated movements and focus on the connection between mind and body. Lots ....

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  • Top 5 Reasons Kids Should Practice Martial Arts

    Top 5 reasons kids should practice martial arts 1. It helps them make new friends. The bond between martial artists is stronger than most other sports. Martial arts are physical, and they require physical confrontation. When confronted with someone of similar size, strength, and skill, students develop a sense of respect for one another. They realize they are capable, and so are others. Out of healthy respect for themselves and others, long-lasting and rewarding relationships develop. 2. They will learn better human relation skills. During martial arts training, students need to learn the concept of physical space, how physical contact is both an invasion and invasive. The sport ....

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  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    TA National Master Class Monday, April 27 Master Bill Mischke: Taekwondo in Practical Self-Defense Kids 7:30 pm Teens/Adults 8:00 pm

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  • Taekwondo America National Organization website

    Find some awesome information at the link below! From the home page, click on student resources and from there you will be able to access videos of forms and one-steps along with other useful information. ....

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  • About Lake Norman TKD

    At Lake Norman Taekwondo, our mission is to provide the highest quality martial arts instruction available in a safe and positive environment. Ourprograms are designed to help students develop physical and mental skills while having lots of fun. Taekwondo provides students with a great workout that improves self-defense techniques, strengthens muscle tone and is ideal for building confidence and self-esteem. We invite all of our new and prospective students to visit our school in Mooresville, where you can meet our instructors and sign up for a week of free classes. You will learn that Lake Norman Taekwondo is not only a top-rated martial arts school in the area, but we also have flexible ....

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