September National Tournament Shift

September 24-27, 2020

We are shifting this amazing national event to online!

What does that mean to you? 
While every LNTKD student has always been able to participate in every Taekwondo America tournament, the fact that you won't have all the travel expenses of airfare or extra gas, hotel and restaurant meals, but can participate from either your home or from our school means every single one of you should plan to be a part of this tournament!

(And you still get to compete via zoom with TA students from Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and more.) 

And, since we do not have the expense of the huge ballroom, we are able to lower the basic participation fee from $90 per person to $45 per person.  

And every student of every rank (yes, even our Little Dragons!) can add on Board Breaking Challenge participation.  

We'll have all the details by testing week.

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