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Kids TaeKwonDo in Mooresville

Enroll Your Child in Mooresville's Best TaeKwonDo Classes!

At Lake Norman TaeKwonDo, we want to build confident, courteous, and successful students. Our Kids TaeKwonDo classes are designed to accommodate students of any background or experience level, from here in Mooresville or nearby towns, by cultivating a safe and fun environment where any child can thrive.

We want our students to develop real life skills such as focus, discipline, teamwork skills, and respect. Introducing your child to kids martial arts will help them become the best they can be -- if you don't believe us, simply try out a class here in Mooresville and you'll see your child's behavior and performance improve in no time. Your child can start with TaeKwonDo as young as three years old with our Dragons program (Ages 3-5) or with our Juniors classes (Ages 6-11)!

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Why Choose Kids Martial Arts Classes?

TaeKwonDo is more than just a martial art -- it gives students the opportunity to pursue genuine growth by emphasizing core life skills. Our team of professional instructors at Lake Norman TaeKwonDo want to help your child be more confident, disciplined, courteous, and respectful, so that they can succeed both on and off the mats. 

We proudly serve Mooresville, Troutman, and the whole Lake Norman area with high-quality kids martial arts classes that will empower them to be better students, siblings, employees, and leaders. Enrolling your child in our Kids TaeKwonDo classes isn't just about helping them learn awesome punches and kicks. It's about helping them grow and succeed in all aspects of life!

Through our Kids TaeKwonDo classes, your child will:
  • Develop unwavering confidence
  • Learn teamwork and leadership skills
  • Connect with new friends and mentors
  • Build strength, agility, and habits of fitness

Help your child learn to be a leader! At Lake Norman TaeKwonDo, we work hard every day to help our students grow, learn, and thrive. Kids martial arts classes serve as an incredible foundation for your child's success, whether they stay here in Mooresville or travel abroad!

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Lake Norman TaeKwonDo is ready to help your child learn important core values through our kids martial arts program! You don't have to guess at the results -- just check out our reviews! TaeKwonDo has helped students from around the Mooresville area become more confident, more respectful, and to lead healthier lifestyles.

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